Liposuction has by now become one of the most frequent operations in Germany.

The issue of excess pounds and padding cuts across every generation and when it is problematic, can no longer be controlled merely through a change in diet or by corresponding training measures.

At the same time, an operation should be the last step in a series of measures for feeling well again in one’s own body.

The modern technique of gentle liposuction under tumescent local anaesthesia (TLA) allows us to implement the agreed ideas with the collaboration of the patient with very little pain.

Following the individual indication of the problem zones, a saline solution containing analgesic, anti-bleeding and decongestant agents is infiltrated for around 45 minutes, until the tissue becomes swollen.

After the fat cells are liquefied and the area is locally anaesthetised, the fat deposit is gently aspirated through small inlets with vibrating fine needles.

Through this sophisticated technique, it is possible to treat small areas such as double chins, cheeks, knees and ankles. For smaller areas, liposuction may be carried out on an outpatient basis, but when larger or several areas are treated at the same time, we recommend an overnight stay to ensure proper care.

By way of post-operative treatment, you wear a girdle. Already after a week, you will be able to see a significantly improved contour. We recommend that you wear the girdle at night for a further three weeks.

With the own fat injection method, skin irregularities over the entire body can be compensated, e.g. for the cleavage and bottom.

Fat management

By fat management we mean the holistic consideration of the problem of bodily fat and its solution. This specifically means consideration of hormone balance, fat metabolism and nutrition but also of the sporting activities of the patient. But these points in themselves do not correspond to fat management.

Surgery is also an aspect of this subject, with liposuction and cellulite treatment representing the surgical possibilities. Our conception of fat management also includes fat recycling in the form of own fat injections, the so-called Spacelift, according to the method of Dr. Coleman, Dr. Boreman and Dr. Sawatzki. A Spacelift can postpone a face lift by many years and can also refine and embellish contours.

The goal of modern surgery cannot merely be the removal of problem areas with a scalpel when it is appropriate to take a holistic view. Liposuction makes little sense if the patient has the wrong nutrition and never practices a sporting activity. At the same time, a planned facelift may be postponed for years by an own fat injection and for this reason, a holistic view must be taken of the issue of body fat.

We cater to patients with in depth advisory discussions and devote ourselves to the theme of fat management from a holistic perspective.